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JTM Presents Imaginary Sons, Venus Guytrap, Hot Reader, Collider

Jet Trails Media Presents!

The Camel || Friday, November 25, 2016 || Doors @ 8:00PM || Music @ 9:00 || 
All Ages || $5 Advance / $7 Day of Show

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A Black Friday party with Imaginary Sons! As a way of coming together to support our community in these trying times, and to help combat the raw consumerism of Black Friday, the Imaginary Sons are turning their 4th Friday residency show this month in to a Coat and Can drive. Bring a lightly used or new coat and/or cans of food to donate! 1 coat gets you free admission to the show, 1 can gets you $2 off and 3 cans gets you free admission! 


Imaginary Sons are a 3 piece rock group from earth that doesn't know how to chew with their mouthes cloesed. They were born in barns. 


Hot Reader is a Richmond-based four-piece plying the psychic craft with audacious licks and a reverence for classic pop songwriting.

Formed in late 2015 by way of reddit serendipity, its members have roots in the local spheres of punk rock (Pissing Contest), jazz/funk (Brunswick, Devil's Workshop) and hip hop (MC Chicken). In keeping with their diverse roots, the boys blend pop, indie, soul, and progressive forms to create a sound that is equal parts drive and groove, croon and howl, shred and swing.


Collider is a DC-based alternative rock band, whose sound incorporates elements of early 90's shoegaze, grunge and punk, paying homage to bands such as Swervedriver, Ride, New Order and The Smashing Pumpkins. Their first set of recordings, recorded and produced by Ben Green of Fairweather, will be released in early 2017 on Cricket Cemetery records.


Venus Guytrap is a 3 piece band from RVA that plays grungy music that weezer would totally hate.

Jet Trails Media is a promotion and management agency based in Richmond, VA and named after a song by original clients, The Southern Belles. We are dedicated to bringing national attention to regional bands. We're committed to building communities around the musical experience by promoting and hosting great live shows and helping bands get their music to as many people as possible. By creating unique marketing plans tailored to each client we work to get fans out to shows and spreading the word. We especially enjoy connecting bands who otherwise may not have played together. Look out for our regular showcases at venues throughout the region. Our goal is to give these bands and the greater Richmond music scene as a whole the support needed to reach their highest collective potentials.
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