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JTM: Lightfields, the Wimps, Get in the Car, Recluse Raccoon

Jet Trails Media Presents!

The Camel || Friday, December 9, 2016 || Doors @ 8:00PM || Music @ 9:00 || 
All Ages || $5 Advance / $7 Day of Show

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Lightfields is the band that lives inside your head and just won't leave even if you paid them to. 


The Wimps wear suspenders. They make 60s soul and surf songs that are catchy and thoughtful, with a left turn or two.


Get in the Car is a moving target, never resting in one place, always heading towards parts unknown. Angular punk rock collides with swirling synth flourishes, buzz saw guitar, and unhinged vocals, all grounded by a singularly propulsive rhythm section. Noir-like narratives lead the listener through real and imagined histories, telling tales of patriarchal megalomania, unsolved mysteries, and the obscenely wealthy. Get in the Car is a gender bending vehicle fueled with love and friendship, steadfastly opposed to the hatred and bigotry of the establishment.


Recluse Raccoon started as a recording project/duo between childhood friends Timmy Peel and Austin Tekamp while they were growing up in Norfolk, va. Timmy eventually moved to Richmond for school and continued writing and recording solo, only to eventually be reunited with Austin when he moved in 2014. They recorded the Horse ep shortly after and would occasionally play shows as a 2 piece, one of which was at OUR house in the summer of 2015. It was there they met Andrew Murray, who within days of meeting the duo, wound up moving into timmy's apartment and learning bass parts. They are currently in the process of recording their first full length album, to be released through Crystal Pistol Records in 2017.

Jet Trails Media is a promotion and management agency based in Richmond, VA and named after a song by original clients, The Southern Belles. We are dedicated to bringing national attention to regional bands. We're committed to building communities around the musical experience by promoting and hosting great live shows and helping bands get their music to as many people as possible. By creating unique marketing plans tailored to each client we work to get fans out to shows and spreading the word. We especially enjoy connecting bands who otherwise may not have played together. Look out for our regular showcases at venues throughout the region. Our goal is to give these bands and the greater Richmond music scene as a whole the support needed to reach their highest collective potentials.
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