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JTM Presents: Sammi Lanzetta, Hot Reader, and Suneater at CSC!

Jet Trails Media Presents!

Cary St. Cafe || Saturday, February 18, 2017 || Doors @ 9:00PM || Music @ 10:00 || 21+ || $7 at the door

Come out to our first show of the year at Cary St. Cafe featuring Sammi Lanzetta, Hot Reader, and Suneater! 


Dog enthusiast and author of the RVA Mag sex and advice column Lurid Lanzetta, Sammi self-describes her music as anxiety rock. She also yelled at Bill Clinton once. 


Hot Reader is a Richmond-based four-piece plying the psychic craft with audacious licks and a reverence for classic pop songwriting.

Formed in late 2015 by way of reddit serendipity, its members have roots in the local spheres of punk rock (Pissing Contest), jazz/funk (Brunswick, Devil's Workshop) and hip hop (MC Chicken). In keeping with their diverse roots, the boys blend pop, indie, soul, and progressive forms to create a sound that is equal parts drive and groove, croon and howl, shred and swing.


Long ago, a powerful force rose from the darkest reaches of the desert wasteland planet, Üstéril. Thus The Suneater Clan, children of Ghoulah, Grazer of Galaxies, came into power, conquering any and all in their way with aural abominations screeching forth from their souls. Now they've come to planet Earth to continue their quest of total domination.